The pathway to sustainability runs through Huntsman

Huntsman recognizes the important role we play in creating a more sustainable future. Our innovative solutions are the catalyst that enables 80% of the economy to reduce emissions. These contributions to a low-carbon economy can help make society’s goal of carbon neutrality a reality.

Our Priorities

Our solutions drive significant emission reductions

8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccHuntsman products enable approximately 750 million tons of lifetime emissions to be removed from the planet each year. Whether it’s wind energy, fuel efficiency, transportation electrification, or home efficiency, Huntsman products are integrally involved in ensuring a brighter world for future generations.

Our Solutions

Our Emissions Footprint Continues to Decrease


On Site Volume
8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccGHG Emissions since 2019


8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccIntensity (kg OC2/kg product since 2019)


GHG Intensity Rate


8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jcc2020 Huntsman Sustainability Report