Governance Statement

8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccAt Huntsman, good governance and corporate responsibility are integral parts of our business strategy. The key focus areas of our corporate responsibility program include our people, our health, safety and wellness programs, and our environmental stewardship, including our sustainability and product stewardship efforts.

Our Board and its committees exercise oversight of risks we face in a global market, including operational, financial, strategic, competitive, reputational, legal and regulatory risks. All members of our Board, except our CEO, are independent. It is important to our company that investors have confidence that the individuals serving as independent directors on the Board do not have relationships with us that impair their independence. Our lead independent director, Nolan D. Archibald, chairs the executive sessions of our independent directors at our Board meetings. Five of our eleven directors are women. Eligible stockholders may nominate director nominees through our proxy materials (proxy access) and the election of directors occurs annually. Robust stock ownership guidelines as well as a policy prohibiting short-selling are in place for directors and executive officers. Stockholders may request special meetings and we have simple majority stockholder voting requirements.

Board of Directors

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Senior Management

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Committee Composition

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Governance Documents

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