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For all North American (United States, Canada, Mexico) Advanced Materials inquiries.

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8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccFor inquiries about Advanced Materials outside of the North American region.

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8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccFor customer service inquiries directed to our Advanced Materials division.

Advanced Materials Customer Service

European Distribution Network

8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccView our European Distribution Network for Advanced Materials.

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Tel: +86 21 3357 6588

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Tel: +44 1740 629015


Tel: +91-22-42875100

North America

Tel: +1 888 564 9318

South America

Tel: +55 11 2392-2443

Advanced Materials Quality Certificates

8i.cc彩票-澳发彩票网8icc-澳发彩票8icc-澳发彩票8jccHuntsman Advanced Materials has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) to assist Huntsman Advanced Materials in meeting its , thus achieving customer satisfaction (alongside meeting other stakeholder requirements) through effective and efficient management of its business processes, in conformance with the International Standard ISO 9001.

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